single origin

This limited offering is from Un Regalo de Dios, the farm of Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada located in the Mozonte region, east of Ocotal.  Luis Alberto has divided his farm into 13 different plots, with this particular selection coming from one of the highest areas, ‘El Regalo’. This coffee was prepared using a technique called ‘miel’ or honey process.    

 After harvesting, the coffee cherries are sorted by density in order to isolate the perfectly ripe fruit.  Following this separation the cherries are mechanically pulped which removes the skin and some of the fruit flesh layer, aka mucilage. Rather than fermenting and washing off the remaining mucilage (washed process), the coffee is placed directly onto drying tables with the sweet, sticky fruit layer intact.

 The resulting honey process coffee yields a much different cup than the washed process from this very same plot of land would.  The acidity is subdued, while the body is accentuated.  Sweet, spicy, and earthy flavors take the place of some of the clean citrus profile of his washed coffees.