single origin

Nicaragua La Esperanza

This will be the fourth year that we have featured coffee from the farms of Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada. As the relationship grows, so does the quality of coffee he offers us.  In the past, we featured coffee from his farm named Un Regalo de Dios, both from the Aserradero and Regalo subplots. 

 This year while evaluating his coffees we were impressed by a specific micro-lot from his adjacent property, La Esperanza.  This particular selection is actually a blend of 11 small pickings and was purposefully constructed to accentuate flavor and complexity.  

 With a keen eye for detail and desire to continually further the quality of his coffee, Luis Alberto utilizes a number of unique processes.  His cherry selection is among the most precise we’ve ever seen, while his method of washing results in pronounced sweetness and body.  Luis Alberto also manages the dry mill in Ocotol, Beneficio Las Segovias, which allows him to oversee production from seed to export.   

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