Peru Canelon

During our time in La Convención this past harvest, we cupped many farm-specific lots of coffee. The average farm is quite small, so we work with a number of farms in order to blend a consistent and steady supply. During this evaluation process we discovered two coffees so beautiful and distinct that we decided to keep them separate.


Canelon is our exclusive blend of these two coffees, combining the harvest of Reynaldo Carbajal and Beltran Pure. Comprised of typica and yellow caturra, this coffee was cultivated under native shade, on sloping clay soils. Perfectly ripe cherry is harvested and pulped the same day. After a twenty hour fermentation, the coffee is carefully dried on raised beds in a solar drier.

Reynaldo’s farm is called Cedropampa and sits at 1900 meters, while Beltran’s farm, Capulichayoc, is only slightly lower, with an elevation of 1858 meters.  Thanks to the high elevation, organic soil, and great care taken during the harvest and drying, this coffee is pristine and sweet, with lively acidity.

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