Single Origin

Sulawesi Mamasa Toraja

Toraja is a place of breathtaking scenery, vibrant culture, and home to some of the most prized coffees in the Indonesian archipelago. Unlike most of Indonesia, where catimor hybrids were planted after an outbreak of leaf rust, the seed stock of Toraja is comprised of typica varietals originally introduced from Ethiopia via India. Though not as hardy or disease resistant, these varietals are prized for their quality and flavor. 

Our Toraja coffee this year is from the remote and sparsely populated Mamasa region, west of the Masupu River.  This coffee was produced by farmers in the traditional manner known as giling basah.  Ripe cherries are hand-picked and then pulped in hand crank devices. Following fermentation in small buckets or wicker baskets, the coffee is hulled while it is still wet and the exposed green coffee is dried on a patio or tarp. 

This is the same style of processing as our Sumatra Gayo River therefore the cup shares some of the same characteristics: it is full bodied, earthy, and complex.  However, the prized varietals and unique terroir of Toraja contribute to the deep sweetness and striking flavors of this fantastic coffee. 

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