Single Origin

Yemen Mocca Haraazi

Yemen is widely considered to be the first place that coffee was cultivated, having reached the Arabian Peninsula with Sufi mystics from the Ethiopian highlands where it had been growing wild.  Through the port of Al-Makha, coffee was traded with Europe and with the spread of colonialism, eventually took root in the soils of the main coffee growing regions of today.  

The methods of cultivation in Yemen have changed little since those early times, with heirloom varietals planted on steep hillside terraces.  In these arid highlands the coffee matures slowly, yielding a dense, flavorful, and exotic coffee. The traditional, sun-dried natural method is used, and this particular lot has been processed to a very high standard with strict attention to ripeness and drying. 

The cup will be unfamiliar and perhaps surprising on first sip.  The complexity and intensity of flavors are truly one of a kind.    

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