Vita Records: He Whose Ox is Gored 10" Vinyl

OX's Nightshade EP is now available on 10" vinyl for the first time through Caffe Vita Records. The tracklist on this version includes the songs Nightshade, Pyramids on the Horizon, and Charming the Snake.

Specially remastered for this release, all songs are cut at 45RPM and pressed on 160g wax for maximum audio quality. These tracks are also housed in a heavy-duty jacket that comes with insert, black sleeve, and fold-out poster.

Seattle's guardians of doomgaze, He Whose Ox is Gored, was founded by members Brian McClelland (guitar, vocals) and Lisa Mungo (synths, vocals), later joined by current members Mike Sparks (bass, vocals) and John O'Connell (drums).

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