Biotre 2.0: Bags Made of 100% Renewable Materials

Biotre 2.0 Bags: Made of 100% Renewable Materials

March 2022 is the 1 year anniversary of Vita’s new 12oz Bio Bags!

Our new bags are better for the planet, AND the coffee. They keep your coffee fresher, longer with the degassing valve and resealable zipper pouch.

They're made from a revolutionary material called Biotrē 2.0™, the latest evolution of coffee packaging made of all renewable materials. While they aren’t fully compostable, our bags are one of the best and most environmentally friendly coffee bags available.

Biotrē was first launched in 2011 by TricorBraun Flex (formerly Pacific Bag Inc.), a leader in the world of flexible packaging. Biotrē 2.0 is the top of its class, being 60% certified compostable (by weight). Other than the soon to be launched Biotrē 3.0, which will be 100% curbside compostable, no other coffee bag comes close to protecting the planet and the product as well as this.

How does this bag breakdown? Great question!

Biotrē 2.0 is composed of multiple laminated layers. The outermost layers of these bags consist of cellulose from wood pulp and have been shown to break down in a healthy compost in 12 weeks. The interior layer is a non-biodegradable film, which consists of 100% plant based renewable resources, such as sugar cane.

Fun Fact: The Biotrē 2.0 bags are made with an additive called ‘oxo-degrade” that allows the interior later components to break into microscopic pieces under specific conditions over 5-10 years as opposed to the estimated 1,000 years needed to breakdown plastic.

While our new Bio Bags can’t be tossed into your curbside compost bin just yet, you can sleep a little easier knowing that your coffee beans are perfectly protected in the most environmentally friendly coffee bag available today!

“Green can be big like an ocean/Or important like a mountain/Or tall like a tree – It’s beautiful, and I think it’s what I want to be” – Kermit the Frog