March 18 COVID-19 Update

After much consideration, we have made the difficult decision to close a few of our Seattle shops. The following shops will remain open for takeaway orders only: ⁣

☕️Capitol Hill 7am-5pm⁣
☕️Seward Park 8am-2pm⁣
☕️Fremont 8am-3pm⁣
☕️Lower Queen Anne 7am-2pm⁣
☕️Queen Anne Fiore 6am-4pm⁣
☕️LA 7am-5pm⁣
☕️Alberta PDX 6am-6pm⁣
☕️Lower East Side MY 7am-7pm⁣
☕️Bushwick NY 7am-4pm⁣

The following shops will temporarily close their doors: Sunset Hill Fiore, Ballard Fiore, West Seattle Fiore,, Greenwood Caffe Vita, and Pioneer Square Caffe Vita⁣

Due to the ever changing landscape of this situation we may be forced to close other cafes as well but for now we are doing our best to stay open for employees who want to work and for neighborhoods that want a place to go to for their daily coffee to-go.⁣

Thank you to our staff for their hard work and dedication, and thank you to our community for your loyalty through this tough time. This is an unprecedented situation that none of us could have imagined or prepared for. That said we’re confident that once we get on the other side of this, Caffe Vita & Fiore will be prepared to help unify our neighborhoods with our cafes and coffee in a time where there is an even greater need to gather and connect with their community. Our coffee houses will continue to be a catalyst for that congregation and communal spirit that people so greatly cherish. ⁣

In the meantime, please support our open shops, tip your baristas, grab a few gift cards for later, and stock up on #VitaCoffee online. ⁣
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Be well, ⁣
Caffe Vita⁣