Ruby Oolong

Ruby Oolong

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Size: 250 grams

Elevation: 1,600m
Cultivar: Ruanzhi "Soft Stem" Oolong Cultivar (a strain of Qingxin) 
Harvest Season: October 2015

Ruby Oolong is a special type of oolong tea produced in the Doi Mae Salong mountainous region in northern Thailand. This full-bodied oolong tea is deeply oxidized and slowly baked to bring out complex layers of cacao, raisins, and black cherry with a sublime, elegant structure. The soil in northern Thailand is soft and loamy, providing a concentration of nutrients not found in other oolong tea origins. This lends a unique sweetness and rich viscosity in mouthfeel. Ruby Oolong is an excellent introduction to the world of oolong tea with its deliciously sweet caramelized fruit and chocolate aromas that permeate the air as soon as it is brewed.


Named for its brilliant red infusion, this full-bodied, deeply fermented oolong is slow baked to bring out complex layers of cacao, raisins and black cherry.


Organic oolong tea