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Holiday Blend

Holiday Blend

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Origin: Central/South America

Flavors: black cherry, maple syrup and hazelnut

Stay home for the Holidays this year with our 2020 Holiday Blend!

Head Roaster, Wade McIntyre, and US Barista Champion, Sam Spillman, collaborated to create a blend of Brazil and farm direct Guatemala from the Keller family – our favorite producer partnership in the Americas. For over a decade, Vita has been purchasing outstanding coffee from the Keller family and we are proud to feature them in our 2020 Holiday Blend.

This post-roast blend showcases these coffees at their highest potential creating a warm and full-bodied delight with flavors of black cherry, maple syrup, and hazelnut. Wade says, “If holiday brunch or pecan pie needed a sleigh ride or die, this is the coffee” and we agree.

This year’s Holiday Blend features art by Seattle artist Karl Maxx,

inspired by winters spent in cozy mountainside cabins in the Pacific Northwest.

Happy Holidays from Caffe Vita to you!