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For the month of November, Caffe Vita is donating $3 for every bag sold of our PNG coffee to Woodland Park Zoo. Help further the work of our conservation scientists who save species and habitats in Papua New Guinea and around the world!In collaboration with Woodland Park Zoo and Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program (TKCP), Caffe Vita presents this exclusive roast from the YUS Conservation Area of Papua New Guinea. YUS is an acronym of Yopno, Uruwa, and Som, the three main rivers that flow through the rugged and remote Huon Peninsula. This coffee was grown under native shade in the gardens of those who have pledged their land for conservation.

Through a community based approach, TKCP has worked with local landowners to establish over 180,000 acres of protected land, home to the endangered Matschie’s tree kangaroo. Due to its remote location, the people of YUS have struggled to generate income for health care, education, and other necessities. TKCP approached Caffe Vita some nine years ago with the idea of working together to address this challenge by establishing a sustainable coffee program.

Since then, Caffe Vita has been working hand in hand with the farmers of YUS and members of TKCP to improve quality and bring this amazing coffee to market. The land of YUS is ideally suited for cultivation with its altitude, rich organic soil, heirloom varietals, and tropical climate. The challenge has been to refine processing methods, create better drying conditions, and ultimately find a way to transport the coffee from the isolated mountains of YUS to our roasting facility in Seattle, Washington.

Through this process we have been warmly welcomed into the YUS community. It is an honor and privilege to roast this remarkable coffee and share in creating a better future for their families and the conservation of their land.

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