When our coffee is roasted, our roasters are consistently developing coffees to highlight sweetness and balance in the cup. We use state of the art technology to help track and dial in our profiles to produce coffees that you and I have grown to love. After a coffee is roasted, each bean holds high levels of CO2 gas. This gas slowly releases from the bean over the course of 3-4 weeks. What does this have to do with brewing? EVERYTHING. When water hits fresh coffee, the gases in the coffee are released and push the water away from the coffee, making it near impossible for water to make contact with the coffee. If you break into a coffee that is less than 3 days off roast, it will be very hard to achieve an even extraction and the sweetness will be muddled. Not only that, but the finish will be drying and astringent from the gas.

So, what’s the perfect date? With our coffees and roasting equipment, we have found that 3-28 days really highlights the quality of the coffee. To ensure that your coffee maintains freshness during this period, please empty coffee from hoppers, back into its original bag or separate airtight container. Thank you for understanding these adjustments... all in pursuit of making great coffee!

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