Holiday Blend

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Black Cherry
Maple Syrup

For this year's Holiday Blend, we sought the perfect equilibrium of central and South American coffees. The Colombian portion introduces lively acidity with vibrant notes of orange zest and black cherry. On the other hand, the Central American coffees from Honduras and Guatemala ground the blend with comforting flavors of maple syrup dark chocolate, and a hint of cinnamon. Our talented roasting team delved deep into R&D, ensuring that every bean’s roast profile celebrated its unique terroir and met our exacting standards.

Snow-capped mountains and hot coffee are one of the many things that make the holiday season in the Pacific Northwest magical. If coffee could taste like a misty ferry ride in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, this would be it! Head Roaster, Wade McIntyre, and our Director of Coffee, champion Sam Spillman, collaborated to create this year’s Holiday Blend.

It perfectly compliments the foods and spirit of the season with tasting notes of black cherry, maple syrup, and hazelnut. Brew however you like – this coffee is sure to delight even those on the naughty list.

Art by our very own Dylan Pharaoh-Whitney.

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