Come Together: DR Congo Muungano

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South Kivu
Democratic Republic of Congo

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Black Tea

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about the farm

The Muungano Cooperative originated in 2009 and comprises over 4,400 smallholder farmers, more than half of which are women. “Muungano” is Swahili for “togetherness”, as this cooperative is focused on working together to establish equity in their community. Not only are they consistently identifying ways to increase the quality of infrastructure of their cooperative operation, but also for their community, including water supply, education, and more. They are striving for a better future for not only their community and coffees, but for the industry as a whole. They understand more than anyone that this can happen through collaboration.

Our relationship with the Muungano Cooperative started in 2018, when Sam Spillman, our Director of Coffee, competed with it, taking 9th place and qualifying for the United State Barista Championship. This coffee caught the judges attention with its delicate stone fruit qualities and intense sweetness creating a desirable balance. It was clean and refreshing, but distinct.

Every lot produced by any coffee cooperative or group of producers has differences. When cupping this year’s lots from the Muungano Cooperative, we were truly impressed by how their quality and clarity in their coffees has continued to progress. Diving into the journey they have taken to improve quality over the past couple of years, we found that the Muungano team has been working closely with Atlas Coffee Importers to establish new resources, including a cupping lab and new water sources.

As we continue to grow this relationship in future years, our hope is to develop a stronger relationship with the Muugano Cooperative. Where they are today would not be possible without their dedication to working as a team with not only the members
of their cooperative, but also global partners. Their operation relies on this idea of “togetherness” and is an inspiration to us at Vita.

The specific lot that we are sharing is a transparent expression of the hard work, dedication, and attention to detail that the Muungano cooperative holds for their coffees. On the cupping table we experienced flavors of lemon, black tea, and raspberry. With that said, coffee is subjective… so give it a try, and let us know what you experience in this coffee.

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