Fruit Phonic: Ethiopia Genji Challa

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Genji Challa

Tastes Like

White Grape

Since we began in 1995, our identity has been tied to music. We’ve released coffees with musicians, opened a cafe in a radio station, hosted concerts in our warehouse and roaster, and we even ran a record label for a little bit! This is why we’re so excited to introduce our newest single origin, Fruit Phonic.

When we tasted this coffee for the first time, we were met with a symphony of luscious fruit flavors, wrapped in delicate floral undertones. The tasting notes of jasmine, huckleberry, and white grape seemed to play off each other like a jazz trio improvising on stage. Our sourcing team was blown away by this coffee’s sweetness and clean profile, reminding us of a fresh white wine. Launching this coffee has been a year long process - we had first tried it in 2022 only to discover the lot had sold out! Our Director of Coffee, Sam Spillman, immediately booked lots for the 2023 season, knowing the processing prowess of the mill and the quality of the producers were dependable.

This coffee is sourced from a collection of farmers in Genji Challa of the Jimma region in Ethiopia, and processed at the Telila Washing Station nearby. Fruit Phonic was handled using Penagos equipment that drastically lowers, and sometimes eliminates, the need for water during processing. This not only makes the processing stage more environmentally friendly, but also provides better consistency in sorting coffee beans and produces higher quality lot yields.

Try brewing Fruit Phonic in different ways to see what notes you experience in this coffee, and how they interact and build off of one another. Find perfect harmony by adding it to your morning routine!

We hope you find Fruit Phonic as captivating as we do.

Packaged in our Biotrē 2.0™ bags made with 100% renewable materials.

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