Winterbloom: Aponte Nariño Colombia

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Aponte Nariño, Colombia

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Wild Berries

The Winterbloom – Aponte Honey Nariño coffee of Colombia comes from the Forest Coffee project. There they produce some of the most innovative coffees using experimental processing to showcase unique profiles and flavors.

Started in 2010 by two brothers as growers and roasters, they later began the Forest Coffee project in 2020 to process various coffees in the region and to connect farmers with roasters around the world. Many of these coffees in the past couple years have made their way to the World Barista Championship stage.

The “Aponte Guardian”, from the Chilito family, underwent a highly controlled honey fermentation process resulting in a balance of florals and delicate wine qualities. The cup offers flavors of wild berries, sugarcane, vanilla, and peach with aromas of Jasmine.

Our hope is to continue working with Forest Coffees for years to come. Their dedication to pushing the limits of what coffees can taste like through experimental processing is awe inspiring and we hope to continue to learn from their findings and share the product of their passion. To learn more about Forest Coffees, click here.

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