Great coffee drives us. Amazing people inspire us. The people of Caffe Vita care deeply about coffee and community. About creating meaningful, memorable experiences. About excellence. They strive every day to ensure that the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee also leads to a more fair, equitable, sustainable world. If you share this passion, we want to work with you.


We want to invest in passionate, committed, caring professionals. If your driving mission is to provide the best coffee and service possible, come work with us!


We believe that in order to serve our customers well, we need to serve our people well. Caffe Vita invests in people through quality health care, paid leave, training and more.


Our driving mission is to provide the best coffee and service possible. Through this mission, Caffe Vita has developed an amazing team of coffee lovers. Come work with us!


Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what some of the people of Caffe Vita have to say about their experience!


MICHEAL, Coffee Educator

"I have a really amazing position as a Vita Trainer where I get to help people learn more about our culture and how to make excellent coffee. My favorite coffee is our Cold Brew made with Theo Blend- it’s smooth and super caffeinated. While working as a barista, I was offered the opportunity to work in Paris to help open up a partner cafe serving Caffe Vita coffee. I spent the summer in Paris, living this dream where I’m traveling while working in coffee! Now I work as a trainer, working with our wholesale accounts an partners. My favorite trainings are with FareStart's Barista Youth Program. We work with the program coordinators to set up training and tours for the youth to come visit our facility and learn about the many different ways they can be involved in the coffee industry. I think it’s important to educate kids on their opportunities to turn passions into careers. "


“We’ve been working with Caffe Vita since day one at The Meatball Shop and it’s been a great partnership. In addition to being great people, they have been there for all of our needs over the years, service, training etc. And most importantly the coffee is consistently the best available."

-Daniel Holzman




RICK, Customer Support

"I love working at Caffe vita because I know I’m doing my part to help an independent coffee company stay vibrant. I’m proud to work here almost 20 years! Everyday everyone makes me feel welcome and part of a passionate team of people that care about coffee. I love getting to do events at grocery stores, wholesale accounts, and with our partners like the Woodland Park Zoo. Our friends at WPZ are so happy and so dedicated to their mission. Plus every year we do a Papua New Guinea that helps save the tree kangaroo. Caffe Vita has done so much for so many and I’m proud to be part of that."


MARIA, Sales Manager

"I love the unique and talented people in the Vita family! We are passionate about coffee, come from diverse backgrounds, and love to have a good time. A week doesn’t go by where a Vita employee isn’t playing a live show or showcasing their artwork somewhere. My favorite of our coffee is Theo Blend for its diverse flavor profile. All the charitable organizations we work with play an important role in our community, but my favorite is the Woodland Park Zoo. Woodland Park Zoo spearheads countless conservation efforts across the globe and is committed to educating our youth on sound environmental practices. Also, who doesn’t love coffee and conservation?"


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