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Cold Brew Box

Cold Brew Box

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Delicious, ready-to-drink Caffe Vita cold brew on tap. Each 2L box contains 8 glasses of Guatemalan Cold Brew with flavor notes of milk chocolate, vanilla bean, & tangerine. 
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Ready to drink
  • Contains 2L
  • Gluten-Free & Dairy Free 
  • Only two ingredients- farm-direct coffee & filtered water
  • Shelf-stable for 6-months
  • Good for 2+ weeks after opening
  • Made with Organic Guatemalan coffee

Caffe Vita cold brew is made with organic, farm-direct, rainforest alliance certified coffee from Guatemala Finca Nueva Viñas. Located in a lush valley near the extinct volcano Tecuamburro, Finca Nuevo Vinas has been farmed by the Keller family for over 100 years. Sustainability and environmental stewardship are key components of their philosophy, with 200 hectares of their land set aside as a nature reserve. For over a decade, Caffe Vita has been purchasing coffee from this remarkable farm, establishing a meaningful relationship and a direct connection between grower and roaster. 

Caffe Vita cold brew is brewed with BKON’s patented RAIN™ technology, to express the depth of aroma and complexity of flavor. RAIN™ applies multiple vacuum cycles inside a chamber and removes the air trapped in organic materials to extract from the deepest layers of an element. RAIN™ (Reverse Atmospheric INfusion) is a simple, yet powerful invention that completely changed the rules of flavor extraction.