Costa Rica La Esperanza

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This Costa Rican coffee by the La Esperanza Community makes a cup you can’t put down. After your first sip you are met with flavors of key lime, baked caramelized apple, and black tea. The overall taste experience highlights intense sweetness and mild acidity. The mouthfeel is creamy with a clean finish, leaving you wanting more. It’s special, but approachable. Adventurous, yet classic. A great coffee for all coffee lovers, which aligns with our goal here at Caffe Vita-- approachability.

The Costa Rica La Esperanza was named to give tribute to the community that was behind producing this Core Coffee from the Tarrazú valley of Costa Rica. This coffee is produced by smallholder farmers in the La Esperanza community of Los Santos de Tarrazú region and is referred to by the community as “Guanacaste” which is the name of Costa Rica’s national tree.

This coffee is part of Ally Coffee Importer’s Core Coffee Program. The Core Coffee Program was created by Ally to help communities produce coffees that are a clear reflection of the origin that they are produced in, while providing resources to smallholder farmers, so they can continue to grow.

Guanacaste is a community lot that reflects the unique conditions of Tarrazú as well as the collective efforts of the farmers who grow coffee there. Coffee is a family affair in Tarrazú, with everyone working to help pick and sort coffee during the harvest season and maintain the land during the year. Washed processing begins when the coffee is depulped the same day it is picked. Coffee is fully washed with a demucilager machine for efficient use of water and dried in guardiola mechanical dryers to maintain uniformity.

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