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This Trans Day Of Visibility, we’re matching all donations to our friends a Lambert House. Since 2020, we’ve raised over $5,000 together for Lambert House through our Pride Blend, which donates $2 for every bag sold. 

Lambert House offers LGBTQ youth nearly 50 different programs, activities, resources, and services on an ongoing, year-round basis. Lambert House is an international leader in LGBTQ youth community building – the primary prevention strategy for the constellation of risks that disproportionately affects all LGBTQ youth. The risks we address include: social isolation, depression, suicide, alcohol and other drug use, HIV & other STDs, family conflict that can lead to homelessness and survival sex, and school failure. Lambert House provides LGBTQ youth with daily opportunities to make friends with other youth like themselves and with supportive adults. It is this connection with peers and adults that immediately makes life better for LGBTQ youth. Lambert House is where life gets better.

On Mondays, Lambert House hosts and Transgender support group. Facilitated by transgender adults, this group provides a chance for youth who have questions or are exploring their gender identity, or who identify as transgender, to get to talk with adults and other youth about their experiences, feelings, and issues. 


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