Ellivated Goods: Stay Golden Adaptogenic Powder

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This unique, hand-crafted blend of superfoods, adaptogens, and functional mushrooms helps you to Rest, Recharge, and Rejuvenate. This perfect blend means you’ll have sweet dreams and wake up with the energy, strength, and stamina you'll need to achieve those beautiful dreams in the real world!

Loaded with super ingredients: Organic Turmeric Root, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Bark, Organic Black Peppercorn Berries, Organic Cardamom Seeds, Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals, Red Reichi Mushroom Extract, and Ashwagandha Root Extract.

How To Reap The Benefits: 

  • Stir into your Morning Coffee or Tea to elevate your day.
  • Blend into a Glass of Warm Plant/Nut Milk 

Product size: 25g (approximately four 12oz servings)

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