Ethiopia Dame Dabaye

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Here at Caffe Vita, we want to offer blend and single-origin offerings that are approachable and high in quality. When hunting for single origins, it's exactly that… a “hunt”. We taste a multitude of coffees, keeping you and your wants in mind. Many coffees do not meet the standards, but when we come across one that does, we act fast. 

The Dame Dabaye is one of those coffees that we could not let pass by. After tasting it for the first time, the flavors and experience held remnants of fresh flowers; the aroma alone will draw you in with delicate florals filling your nose. 

On the first sip, we taste meyer lemon—reminding us of sweet lemonade. The second sip hits you with vibrant and tart cranberry, while the last sip offers a deep berry sweetness like a ripe blackberry. When tasting this coffee, you might ask yourself, “How could a coffee taste so complex and floral?”

Well, let’s take a look at where it came from and how it was processed. The Dame Dabaye is a coffee from the Guji Hambela region of Ethiopia grown at 1800 meters. It was processed at the Dame Dabaye Washing Station as a washed coffee, which means all of the fruit and mucilage was removed from the coffee seeds before drying. As a result, this maximizes the clarity in the flavors and creates a vibrant acidity. 

All of these steps were addressed with maximum attention to detail, resulting in this beautifully delicate and floral coffee that will be the perfect refresh you need.


- Sam Spillman, US Barista Champion 2019

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