Natural Process Papua New Guinea Kindeng

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Papua New Guinea

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Strawberry Jam

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This coffee from the Kagamuga mill was purchased as cherries from around 1500 smallholders located between the Kindeng and the Arufa municipalities with the average smallholder farm size being around 1-2 hectares.The earth in this region is in general loamy –which lucky for us, basically means desirable/optimal soil for agriculture.

The natural wine of coffee ~ a natural process coffee from the Waghi Valley of Papua New Guinea. The natural processing method brings about sweet, tart, and tangy flavors. Think strawberry jam and cranberry, with earthy aromas of florals and hops, reminding us of natural wine. 🍓🍷

Deep from the Jiwaka province of Papua New Guinea, we’re excited to share with you a refreshing cup of coffee from the Kagamuga Dry Mill. Upon taking your first drink you can expect flavors of strawberry jam, cranberry, and cocoa. Sweet, tart, and tangy fruits of spring follow with earthy aromas coming through of florals and hops.

The natural process starts here- ripe cherries placed on raised beds and canvasses. For the next month, they are moved multiple times throughout the day to ensure an even and consistent drying process. Once it has reached the desired moisture content (or lack thereof), the coffee is then placed into bags to store in a cool warehouse where it is then hulled, milled, and finally makes it way to your cup. Take a big sip and enjoy the passion of labor brought to us from our partners across the sea.

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