Rose Gold: Nicaragua La Benedición

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La Benedición, Nicaragua

Tastes Like

Key Lime Pie
Cocoa Nib

The Nicaragua from La Bendición is not new to the Caffe Vita offering list. Last year, we were able to share a washed Pacamara which presented itself as a very approachable profile for our guest following. This year, we wanted to take a step on the wild side with a natural processed coffee from their offerings.

Luis Alberto, owner of the La Bendición micro-mill, offers natural process coffees that we look forward to cupping each time. They carry similar flavors as their washed counterparts but were complimented with a heavy sweetness and super creamy body. The natural process lots we selected showcased flavors of lime, peach, apricot, and cocoa nibs. The body was so creamy and coating, it reminded us of a custard or key lime pie.

Luis Alberto is highly respected in his community for his attention to detail and quality. He is surrounded by a whole community of producers, yet he stands out for his expertise and ability to produce outstanding coffees, like the ones we will be adding to our menu. As a company, our goal is to mirror his dedication to quality with how we source and roasts coffees, whether it is Del Sol or one of our producer-specific single origin coffees.

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