Rwanda Sholi Duo

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Rwanda/Muhanga District

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Washed: Peach, Green Apple, Brown Sugar
Natural: Blackberry, Plum, Vanilla

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about the farm

The Sholi Cooperative has been in operation for over a decade with nearly half of its members are women producers. These coffees come directly from the plots belonging to the Women’s Association. As a cooperative they are dedicated to improving sustainability socially, economically, and environmentally. In 2016 they received a grant to build a community center and a regional health center. The regional health center has allowed them to treat common diseases and general health of individuals in the community. The health center is hoping to create a nutrition and cooking program to help young children fight malnutrition. In 2016 they planted over 15,000 more coffee trees and in 2017 that number doubled.


We are excited to bring back the Rwanda Sholi this year -- so excited that we are sharing a washed process AND a natural process coffee from the same cooperative. Each harvesting year presents different variables that affect how a coffee grows and is processed, resulting in varying taste profiles harvest after harvest. This year, the washed profile was almost identical but with more sweetness and higher pop in acidity. We experienced flavors of green apple, ripe peach, and brown sugar. It was round and juicy, with a clean finish. The Rwanda Sholi Natural was so uniquely different, with flavors of blackberry, plum, and vanilla.

When tasting their coffees, it is apparent that the Sholi operation is dedicated to quality and consistency when processing their fresh cherry. The flavors are identifiable and the coffee itself holds a lot of clarity. How can one coffee taste completely different after being processed a different way? It all boils down to the amount of time the fruit of the cherry remains in contact with the seed of the cherry. 
For the washed process, fresh cherries are dry fermented for 18-24 hours. From there they are wet fermented for an additional 24 hours then de-pulped (fruit removed). Before moving to a drying bed the wet parchment is hand sorted for quality. For the natural process, the fermented cherries are sent directly to the drying bed with fruit still intact. The washed processed coffee is juicy and clean, and a true expression of Rwanda coffees– A 'Sweet Breeze' if you will. While the natural process is punchy and vibrant, with distinct red fruit qualities– hence why we named it ‘Blush Berry’.

We hope you enjoy these coffees! Drinking them side-by-side is must as they work together to create a true tasting journey.

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