Single Brew Bags (20-pack)

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Are you always on the go without the time to brew a tasty cup of coffee to keep you going? Look no further than our single brew bags! Simply open a packet and drop the coffee bag in your mug of hot water and leave it to brew. No filters or pour overs here - just a trusted and tasty cup per serving, hot or cold!

Manufactured by our partners at NuZee. Available as packs of 20 in Caffe Luna dark roast and Novacella Decaf. 

Caffe Luna: Our French roast has robust aromas of bittersweet chocolate and dried fig, complimented by flavors of vanilla and maple.

Novacella Decaf: Our blend of South American and Indonesian decaf coffees has hints of cedar, cocoa butter, and roasted chestnuts. Exceptionally full-flavored with a sweet, rounded finish.

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