Soft Tropics: Honduras Parainema

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At Caffe Vita, we have historically sourced coffees from Honduras – typically used in our core blends. We are so excited to be bringing a very special micro-lot from Honduras to our single origin offering list. After cupping many Honduran options, we were drawn to a Honduras Parainema because of its unique taste profile but also by its story.

Before diving into the taste profile, I want to share a little more about who is behind this coffee: Benjamin Paz. Benjamin Paz is a world renowned coffee producer who also works with other producers in the region to help them increase cup score through their processing and preparation. He also assists in bringing their coffees to market.

What is a Parainema? A Parainema is a coffee varietal that is indigenous to Honduras. It is recognized for its ability to be nematode resistant and consistent despite less than ideal growing conditions. Until recently it was not known to score high on the cupping table.

One day, Ben was cupping with a producer, when he came across a Parainema on the table. With low expectations, he tasted the coffee and was shocked by how it performed (tasted). He was so impressed that he submitted it to the Honduras Cup of Excellence! Everyone thought he was foolish for doing so but to everyone’s surprise his submission won the 2017 Honduras Cup of Excellence.

I share this story, because this is the perfect example of how we should never make assumptions about a coffee until we try it. Through exceptional processing and sorting, ‘the producer’ of this coffee was able to highlight the best qualities of this varietal.

Soft Tropics has flavors of rainier cherry, kiwi, and passion fruit. It is floral, lush, and juicy. This coffee serves as a unique representation of Honduran coffees. As we continue to grow along with the industry, let’s remember to approach situations and new coffees with an open mind. Every coffee deserves a chance.


Sam Spillman
Caffe Vita Coffee Director

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