The Aponte Village of Colombia - In Bloom

The Aponte Village of Colombia - In Bloom

Coming from the Aponte reservation in Colombia, In Bloom features a luscious and floral palate that we thought was perfect to welcome spring this year. The notes of honeysuckle really impressed us with this single origin. Tart like pomegranate and rounded out by a comforting cocoa element, In Bloom is a familiar approach to a complex and luxurious brew.

The complexity of this coffee reflects its terroir. Located where three mountain ranges converge, the farmers of the Aponte reservation – the Inga community – are descendants of the ancient Inca. After near centuries of turmoil in the region, In Bloom was able to be grown on the farmers’ own land signaling a new era of prosperity for the community.

raised drying beds filled with coffee seeds in Colombia
Raised drying beds. Photo: Ally Coffee

At 2150 meters, this Caturra varietal thrives in the volcanic soils of Mt. Galeras which are responsible for its sweet profile. Producers commonly use a honey process where the mucilage is intentionally dried onto the coffee seeds. Once depulped, the seeds are transferred to raised drying beds. Not only does this process reduce the use of water but creates consistency that results in a clean cup profile.

Enjoy what this single origin has to offer. Try it as an espresso or pour over without additives like cream or sugar to really let it shine! You’ll be dazzled by the fruity florals while a chocolatey foundation anchors the cup. Discover In Bloom today!

- Honey processed using a water-saving technique.
- Farmed by the descendants of the ancient Inca.
- Fruity & floral.
- Familiar, yet complex and luxurious.