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Our story

At Vita, we believe meaningful connections make life better. We've been building connections here in Seattle since 1995 bean by bean, cup by cup. Over the past 25 years, all those small interactions have grown into something bigger than coffee: they've created community, and that's more valuable than anything we could ever produce.

Building community that cares motivates us as much as perfecting the perfect blend. That's why we've been around for decades and why we’re committed to roasting and serving independent and locally owned coffee. We can’t say it enough: We’re passionate about good coffee and we’re dedicated to creating meaningful and lasting connections.

Our people

Our passion for coffee is the biggest thing our team has in common. Beyond that,we're one wildly eclectic bunch. Our team is made up of artists, musicians, writers, surfers, motorcycle enthusiasts, drag queens, ceramicists, cyclists, DJs, mycologists, acupuncturists, and activists.

Our team is
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No matter where you're located we want you to feel like we're right around the corner. We have a 24/7 service support line and a team who will check in with you regularly. We are dedicated to keeping your coffee business running smoothly.

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Wondering what it’s like to work with us? Ask around any of our cafes and you'll hear the same thing: When you work at Vita you become part of a tight-knit community. We're the most humble, diverse, fun-loving, and kind coffee enthusiasts you'll ever meet.

Some of us are award-winning baristas and some live for our morning coffee ritual. We’re committed to building teams and lives that are healthy, secure, and supportive. We do everything we can to ensure our team members thrive.

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Opportunities for career development (including paid ongoing education)

401K for all employees

Paid vacation for all employees

Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance for full-time employees

Employee discount on merch, beans, and food

Free drinks

My favorite trainings are with FareStart's Barista Youth Program, which trains underprivileged youth as baristas. Caffe Vita donates the coffee for FareStart’s youth barista program, and our training team gets to host tours, trainings, and Q&As on the many different ways they can be involved in the coffee industry. It’s exciting to share my passion for coffee with kids, showing them how they can turn passions into careers.

Michael, Coffee Educator

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