Hunnybee: Ethiopia Acacia Guji

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Yirgacheffe and Guji,

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We're proud to release such a heritage coffee from Ethiopian heirloom varietals with Hunnybee. Considered to be the mother of all coffees, these beans pay homage to the symbol of the nation's strength: the mighty Acacia tree. 

- Sweet notes of jasmine, huckleberry, and grapefruit.
- Light roast level.
- Washed process.
- Heirloom varietals.
- Grown at 1800-2200m elevation. 
- From various smallholder farmers in the Yirgacheffe & Guji regions of Ethiopia.

Coffee as we know it today is owed entirely to Ethiopia's cultivations of the plant and cultures surrounding it. Taste history for yourself and you'll see why this coffee is considered some of the best in the world!

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