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Rainier Cherry
Malt Chocolate

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This coffee represents the taste of the Northwest, with flavors of Rainier cherry, maple, and malt chocolate. Whether you’re in the mountains, on the islands, or sitting in one of our cafes in the city – this new light roast coffee was developed to highlight sweetness and most importantly, balance.

Since 1995, we’ve been roasting coffee in the Northwest. Back then the term barista wasn’t really used, and coffee was roasted one way-- dark. We’re still here in the Northwest caring about people and coffee but growing our lineup to be approachable to everyone, be it light or dark, old-style or new-style. Enter the Nor’wester Blend.

The Nor’wester was created with the intention to bring ample sweetness and mild acidity, resulting in a clean and sweet cup that is approachable for every coffee drinker. The secret to that balance is in showcasing three unique coffees that complement each other. The Ethiopian coffee offers a pleasant orange acidity, while the Colombian coffee brings sweetness and stone fruit flavors. Then, the Honduran coffee brings the two together for a silky and smooth mouthfeel. This blend is great when brewed as a drip coffee and makes for a clean and fruit-forward espresso.

The Nor’wester is a big step for us as the first light-roast blend developed under new ownership with our refreshed branding; it completes our spectrum of roast profiles from light to dark. 

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