Caffe Del Sol

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Milk Chocolate
Dark Cherry

The versatile espresso blend that started it all.

Our flagship Caffe Del Sol is the coffee that put us on the map in 1995. The exquisite blend of coffees from across the globe combine to form a complex flavor profile of dark cherry, milk chocolate, and caramel notes. Developed to be an espresso blend, this alchemical recipe is versatile enough for pour-overs and even a smooth cold brew.

It’s no secret that Caffe Del Sol is our best-selling coffee, and it makes perfect sense as to why! With its silky amber crema, the nuttiness continues to shine through added creams and sugars. Even on its own, a cup of this balanced and smooth medium roast is sure to comfort the most particular of coffee drinkers. We even signed someone’s “Del Sol or Die” tattoo once!

In the Caffe Vita catalogue of coffees, Del Sol is certainly our greatest hit. From retail to wholesale, this offering is the number one favorite. Take a bag home today and discover your favorite way to sip our famous Caffe Del Sol.

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