Novacella Decaf

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South American and
Indonesian Decaf Coffees

Tastes Like

Cocoa Powder
Candied Orange

brew method

French Press

Our blend of South American and Indonesian decaf coffees has hints of cedar, cocoa butter, and roasted chestnuts. Exceptionally full-flavored with a sweet, rounded finish.

Grown at altitudes ranging from 1000-2500 meters. Not to be dismissed, we take great pride in maintaining a full-flavored, quality-focused decaf. Only achievable through the careful selection and layered blending, the Novacella is for those searching for flavor without the buzz.

Our Novacella decaf is naturally decaffeinated through a method involving ethyl acetate derived from sugar cane. This is not water processed, it’s a naturally occurring chemical derived from sugar cane used to decaffeinate the coffee.

Packaged in our Biotrē 2.0™ bags made with 100% renewable materials.

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