Vita Cold Shot

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Experience your favorite Vita blend in a brand new way.

- Made with our flagship blend, Caffe Del Sol.
- Brewed using BKON's patented RAIN (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion) technology which enables espresso-caliber at an industry scale. 
- Use as an ingredient in limitless recipes including iced lattes, sparkling coffees, cockatils, mocktails, and cold brews. 
- No equipment or barista necessary. Simply follow a recipe.
- Tasting notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and dark cherry. 
- Shelf-stable and ready to use. 
- 25oz bottle for convenient storage - yields up to 25 cold espresso drinks per bottle. 

Vita Cold Shot brings you our flagship espresso blend in a new format, making it easy to create cold coffee drinks with a silky, amber crema and a sweet, caramel finish.

Try out some of our favorite Vita Cold Shot recipes on our recipe page!

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