Holiday Favorites Trio

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Get into the holiday mood with these quintessential Caffe Vita favorites! Enjoy the smooth brew of the coffee that put us on the map: Del Sol. Add your preferred milks and flavorings to our bold and robust dark-roasted Caffe Luna. When Mariah Carey said "all I want for Christmas is you," she was talking about our Holiday Blend. Ok, maybe that's not true, but both holiday classics sure do pair well together!

HOLIDAY BLEND: Your annual cup of comfort & joy. Our Holiday Blend is the perfect companion for the holiday season, with flavor notes of milk chocolate, baking spice, and orange.  

This blend features a blend of Central American coffees selected by US Barista Champion Sam Spillman. Together these coffees create a blend that perfectly complements the foods and spirit of the holiday season. Brew it as a drip coffee, espresso, or any brew method of your choice to pair it with your favorite holiday indulgence.  

DEL SOL: The Del Sol flagship blend is strong enough for a latte, but sensitive enough for a pour-over. You can’t be all things to all people, but you can drink this rich and complex combo of milk chocolate, caramel, and dark cherry. 

CAFFE LUNA: Our French roast has robust aromas of bittersweet chocolate and dried fig, complimented by flavors of vanilla and maple. Full-bodied with mild acidity and a lingering finish. A blend of Central, South American, and Indonesian coffees. 

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